Seeing RED, Apple and OnePlus | #PNWeekly 330

We end #Techtober with a last stand from OnePlus, Apple and RED. OnePlus moved its smartphone launch event up a day to avoid undue influence from Apple’s three computers — and they ARE computers — while RED’s review embargo for the Hydrogen One.

How much of a success were each of these events? How many failures have we amassed. It’s time for the Pocketnow Weekly!

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Joshua Vergara


Taylor Martin

Brandon Miniman

Jaime Rivera

The show

OnePlus 6T

  • OnePlus 6T launches with a twist on T-Mobile

  • MacBook Air recycles a bunch of material, perhaps compromises
  • Mac Mini is a full-bore workstation
  • iPad Pro grows up

  • Our RED Hydrogen One review (it’s not pretty)
  • Delays that got us here and a quarantine scare

See you next week!

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