Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming January 2019

Korean news sources claim that Samsung is prepping to launch a Galaxy S10 flagship in January 2019. The reports also allege that MWC 2019, which takes place in February, will see a flexible folding OLED phone – possibly the Samsung Galaxy X – as the star of the show.

The word comes via Korean publication The Bell, which states that Samsung has been in contact with manufacturing and component supply partners with requests to provide parts by November 2018 – giving time for production to gear up for a launch at the beginning of 2019. Allegedly the Galaxy X folding phone has had its codename changed from “Valley” to “Winner”, which is being cited as an indication the project has moved from concept and towards production.

As far as the Galaxy S10 is concerned, the report suggests it’ll debut at CES 2019 or at a standalone event during the same month – in our view the latter seems more likely given Samsung’s past habits.

The Galaxy S10 news is interesting, but we find it difficult to get excited about the Galaxy X allegations considering we’ve been hearing the same thing for several years now and nothing of the sort has actually occured.

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