Pixel Book Pen: Why The HELL Does It Cost $99!?

The Google Pixel Book is official and it is every bit as cool as you’ve heard. Imagine a Surface Pro, just running Chrome OS, and slightly better looking, and you’re about halfway there.

I am a big fan of Google’s outgoing Chromebook Pixel; I’ve used one for all my mobile computing needs for the past two years and it has yet to let me down once. Sure, it’s pricey, but I’m a sucker for odd things like this.

So, you can imagine my interest when Google launched the Pixel Book, a completely redesigned machine that is designed to pick up where the Chromebook Pixel left off, adding in plenty of new specs and features, as well as a hybrid design.

I know, I know – $999 for a Chromebook is almost an ungodly amount of money. Especially for those in the Windows camp.

And I get that; ChromeOS, despite the massive updates it has received over the years, is still not as powerful or resourceful as macOS or Windows.

But hardcore ChromeOS users know that you can do a lot with Google’s platform when it’s in the right hands. Chuck in some stunning design and tablet functionality and, well, you got yourself a winner (at least, in my book).

But what I REALLY cannot get my head around is why Google is charging so much for the Pixel Book Pen. I mean, look at it – does that look like something that should cost you almost $100?

It also runs on a battery that I didn’t even know existed – an AAAA battery. You can get these on Amazon, of course, but still.

Surely, it would have made more sense to have it charge via USB Type C or something? I mean, you’re not going to be using it ALL the time, anyway?

And, again, why does this piddly little thing cost almost $100? I mean, it’s a battery, which you have to replace, a bit of plastic and some sensors. It makes ZERO sense. Even more so when you factor in just how expensive the Pixel Book is.


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