OPPO F7 spotted unnecessarily cheating benchmarks

One of MediaTek’s newest mid-range chipsets runs on an impressively small fabrication with eight cores, all of them capable of 2.0GHz speeds. The Helio P60 should be a pretty good performer in and of itself. But alas, it seems OPPO has been caught spiking the P60’s performance on benchmarking apps.

Even years after other OEMs have quit with benchmark cheating, OPPO has been caught as recently as with the OPPO F3 smartphone for continuing the habit. And Vietnamese publication Genk has now found that the OPPO F7 does the same. It tracked core performance during an AnTuTu benchmark run and found processor thermal limiting turned off for the duration it was in the app. The site then made an empty app with the AnTuTu name and found that the OPPO F7’s chipset reacted the same way, suggesting that it was marking down benchmark app names on a whitelist.

The F7 was recently found to have outperformed Xiaomi phones using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625, 636 and 660 chipsets by a fair margin on AnTuTu, Geekbench and PCMark.

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