OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple color listed on support site before disappearing

Of late, OnePlus has really been into non-grayscale colors with its phones, usually later into the release cycle for its latest phones. It tried out gold a couple years ago, then went into red. Is it time for purple?

Now, Ishan Agarwal, who leaked European pricing for the OnePlus 6T — off by €10, by the way —as well as that purple color, is now pushing on purple with a screenshot of the OnePlus India support ticketing page and the applicable device list which mentions a “OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple.”

Supposedly, this listing was available for only a short time before it was pulled down, though retailers have seemingly followed this lead of “Thunder Purple.”

Will it happen? Perhaps. We’ll wait to see if any big media franchises pair up with OnePlus for a special edition 6T first.

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