OnePlus 5T Definitely Happening: Will Launch Late November

The OnePlus 5T, like many things in the rumour dimension, is an ethereal beast. Some suggest it isn’t happening, while others claim the handset will soon get official. Personally, I have no idea what’s happening.

Things get more complicated when you factor in word of the OnePlus 6 getting an earlier than usual release date next year. Either way, the OnePlus 5T leaks are still coming in thick and fast despite the naysayers, so perhaps the handset is about to go official?

A really interesting turn of events has occured on Twitter. Evan Blass, aka @evlaks, is considered a reliable source of leaks and information, and took to the social network to voice his scepticism about a OnePlus 5T being launched any time soon.

I agree w a lot of the points in this article’s analysis. I haven’t heard anything about a 5T, & it makes little sense to me in near future. …”, he said.

However, about an hour later he followed up with a second Tweet on the subject.

I take this back. Just heard from someone I consider reliable that they are indeed working on an 18:9 model for end of November release. …”

A few hours after that, a third Tweet from Blass claimed he had heard from a second reliable source confirming that a launch would take place after November 20.

Unless any major revelations come to light in short order, this would appear to confirm the OnePlus 5T as a reality once and for all.

A leak from AnTuTu piles onto the already growing mass of leaks about the OnePlus 5T, making it seem more and more like a reality every day. The leak is naturally set of benchmark results, which show the specs of the phone and, in this case, both the presence of Android 8.0 Oreo, and a 20MP + 20MP dual-camera, meaning one of the sensors from the OnePlus 5 is being upgraded from 16MP to the same rating as its partner. Apertures are listed as f/2.6 and f/1.6.

The specs also show an 18:9 aspect ratio display, and a tiny bump in battery capacity up to 3,450mAh.

A leak via Android Authority reveals some pretty tasty details about the handset. The design, as you can see below, is very different to the current OnePlus 5, with slimmer bezels and an altogether more premium look and feel.

One BIG change is that the fingerprint scanner now appears to have been moved around the back of the handset, as it is nowhere to be seen on the frontage of the device.

Another – not very likely theory – is that it has been integrated into the display, but given the trouble Apple and Samsung have had with this, I think it’s safe to say the only place it has gone is on the back of the device.

This change – moving the sensor around the back – makes quite a bit of sense too; fingerprint sensors on the back of a handset are easier to hit and are, generally speaking, better. It also frees up room on the front the device for more display and less bezel. Unless you’re talking about Google’s Pixel phones, that is.

Beyond this and the design changes, I’m kind of stumped as to where OnePlus could go so close the next cycle of its flagship phone?

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