New Gundam Breaker has all playable Mobile Suits from previous games and more, but no SD Gundams

New Gundam Breaker

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has an interview with the developers of New Gundam Breaker, which provides a mix of new and old information.

Get the notable tidbits below.

  • Each individual part has an EX Skill, which is unlocked by leveling up. For example, ZZ Gundam’s head part has High Mega Cannon, Gundam’s legs have Burst Breaker, etc.
  • The Gundam Breaker series is really popular in Asia, and has the highest sales in the continent among modern Gundam games. Now, it is being released worldwide, including North America and Europe.
  • There is a distinction between the battles and matches of Gundam Breaker and those of other Gundam games. Simply put, it feels more like an athletic meet where you compete for points.
  • There are three-versus-three team battles. You compete to win with the points you get for completing the missions that occur during battle. Mission contents consist of various things such as, “Destroy [X] many units of the third force,” “Destroy [X] containers,” and “Defeat the huge Mobile Armor.”
  • There are also missions to defeat the enemy team.
  • There will be a single-player story mode that surpasses the volume of any of the previous Gundam Breaker games. The atmosphere is not serious like Gundam Breaker 2, it rather emulates the soft tone of Gundam Breaker 3.
  • There is no function where parts that are attacked and disconnected automatically return.
  • By throwing away the parts you obtained, your allies can pick them up.
  • Like previous titles, parts do not tend to accumulate.
  • Builders Parts will also appear.
  • Since you can change parts in battle, you may return from battle with a different Gunpla than you started with.
  • SD Gundams will not appear, but all of the playable Mobile Suits from previous Gundam Breaker games will appear. New Mobile Suits will also appear.
  • Downloadable content is being considered, but that is not to say only Mobile Suits will be offered as paid content.
  • The director is Craft Meister’s Daisuke Fukukawa.

Gundam Breaker is due out worldwide for PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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