Huawei’s Next Phone Could Go Completely Notchless

The notch may have become a fashion statement with mobile hardware makers these days, but the dream of every mobile user is a phone which has a ‘full front’ display without the need for irksome blocks or notches.

We’ve already seen companies like Xiaomi attempt to solve this issue by putting the front-facing camera on a sliding mechanism, but that feels like a band-aid rather than a complete solution. Enter Huawei, which, like its rival Samsung, has come up with a slightly different approach which could end up putting the notch into an early grave.

An image has been distributed on Chinese social media that appears to show a phone with an all-screen display and a selfie camera in one corner, surrounded by lovely, lovely screen on all sides. Huawei has confirmed to The Verge that the image is indeed genuine, and while it’s hard to pick out solid details on what is essentially a tease, it would seem that Huawei is taking the same approach as Samsung, which is also working on its Infinity-O display that uses the same basic principle; the front-facing camera is embedded into the screen itself, removing the need for a massive great notch.

The Infinity-O screen isn’t the only display design that Samsung is currently working on, and it is thought that the Korean giant may even have a true full-screen model in the works – how that would function is anyone’s guess, but the Infinity-O could make its debut as early as next month, if rumours are to be believed. Check out this leak of a screen protector for the device, in case you’re not convinced:

SamMobile – and serial leaker Ice Universe – both agree that this new phone will be called the Galaxy A8S, but SamMobile thinks it won’t be seen until January, while Ice Universe thinks a December launch is on the cards. Timing aside, it’s pretty clear that the A8S is coming – along with Infinity-O – and therefore Huawei won’t have this portion of the market all to itself. Samsung is also working on a folding phone, so it really has its work cut out at the moment.

The battle to conquer the big-screen phone market has been raging since Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi kick-started things with the Galaxy S8, iPhone X and Mi Mix respectively; since then, we’ve seen a slew of notch-packing devices, which would suggest that Apple’s solution is the best. However, we’d also argue that the desirability of the iPhone has convinced other hardware makers to copy the design in the hope that some of that cachet will rub off on their devices; the notch, in our opinion, was never a solid solution to begin with as it robs the user of home-screen real estate.

Let’s hope Huawei and Samsung’s efforts bring in a new dawn for big-screen devices – we can live with a small camera cut-out, and actually think it looks pretty cool.

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