Galaxy Tab S4 firmware shows us how to use Intelligent Scan

Intelligent Scan is Samsung’s way of merging the biometric authentication methods available on its smartphones into a unified protocol — it includes data from the iris scanner as well as facial scanning. While those components were individually available since last year, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ were the first smartphones to feature a bonded method.

The Korean tech company has been building up an event for August 9 around at least one piece of hardware, the Galaxy Note 9, but it’s strongly believed that a smartwatch and a tablet, the Galaxy Tab S4, will have this feature as well. We saw a bit of its exterior in leaks, but this new leak, coming from SamMobile, is from the inside — specifically, the firmware.

An animation has been picked up that shows users how the mechanism works both in bright and dark conditions through scanning all of the facial region as well as the eyes. You can check it out at the source link below this story.

The Tab S4 is supposed to be a flagship Android tablet for Samsung.

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