Galaxy S9 sales in Korea cross over 1 million units

It’s a day short of two months since Samsung launched sales for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and it has taken this long in South Korea for those phones to sell a million units. That news comes right from the company and is the first time it has released official results for the S9 model.

The Investor reports that the Galaxy S8 — marking a shift in design paradigm for the smartphone series — achieved seven digits in Korea within the first 37 days of sales and 5 million sales worldwide within two months. The Galaxy S II took only 40 days to rack a million on the peninsula.

Given that the S9 brings a minor iteration to the basic experience with super slow-motion video capture, it could be expected that this could be an off-year for the lineup, despite corporate boasting. Still, the company expects foreign sales to float the overall numbers up.

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