Galaxy S10’s Exynos 9820 SoC tipped to have two NPUs

We know that not only the future, but the present, as a trend, revolves around 7nm processors and AI. Huawei has proven that with the Kirin 980, Apple has its own A12 Bionic, and Qualcomm is expected to soon unveil the Snapdragon 855. All these chips have in common is the 7nm process, and the presence of AI in the shape of a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) on board that handles all the stuff on the side.

According to a recent report, Samsung’s future Exynos processor will join the party. Believed to be present on the upcoming Galaxy S10 (which the report claims will be around May of 2019), the Exynos 9820 will be the natural evolution for Samsung’s mobile chip. It will be built using 7nm process, but, instead of having a single NPU (as we previously heard), the report claims it will probably feature two NPUs.

An NPU is especially useful for tasks like image processing, image recognition, speech recognition, and alike, which basically help the system identify, adapt, and optimize tasks for the best outcomes. If the report is accurate, the fact that the next Exynos 9820 might have two NPUs testifies to the fact that Samsung is heavily investing in AI.

The upcoming Galaxy S10 might have other tricks up its sleeve, like 5G compatibility, as well as an in-display fingerprint scanner. Pairing that with what the Exynos 9820 could be, and what it could achieve, makes the Galaxy S10 an exciting smartphone to wait for.

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