Apple’s Incoming iMac Pro PC Will Be INSANELY Powerful

Debuted at WWDC 2017, Apple’s iMac Pro is perhaps one of the company’s biggest releases of the year. Next to the iPhone X, of course. It’s been a while in the making but reports suggest Apples’ iMac Pro will definitely be worth the wait.

We now have the first benchmarks for the iMac Pro and, boy, do they look impressive. The reports were discovered by Mac Rumors and show that Apple’s incoming iMac Pro will use custom Intel Xeon chips.

“Geekbench founder John Poole told the blog that Apple may require chips with lower thermal design power for the iMac Pro,” notes BGR, “and, thus, lower frequencies. That would explain why the Xeon chips found in these first benchmarks do not match Intel’s existing Xeon lineup.”

As you can see below, the iMac Pro is INSANELY powerful. The 8-core iMac Pro model is 22% faster than the current, top of the line 5K iMac – and that machine is no slouch.

If you go for the 10-core iMac Pro, however, you’re looking at even more power – over 44% more performance than the iMac 5K. Even the single core result – 5345 – is higher than nearly all of Apple’s current iMac 5K machines.

And if that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, Apple will also have an 18-core model on market in time for December. That machine, based on the above, could well be one of the most powerful PCs ever created.

These new iMac Pro desktop PCs will, however, cost A LOT of money. How much? No one knows right now, but I’d be willing to bet the top of the line model will retail for well over £2500 – maybe even £3000.

I’m actually writing this on an iMac 4K, which I bought in 2015. This machine has run brilliantly for the past few years, with minimal issues, though it definitely could do with some more RAM to help things along.

If you’re interested in picking up a reconditioned iMac model, and saving quite a bit of cash in the process, you should definitely check out Gazelle – it has a TON of options for MacBooks and iMacs and all of them are around 40% cheaper than buying new.

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