Apple vs Samsung: What’s The Most Popular Phone In The UK?

Apple and Samsung are the two most popular smartphone brands in the UK (and around the globe).

These two companies dominate sales and revenue in the phone space, though Apple – through the nature of its business – makes considerably more than Samsung.

Sales-wise, it’s a lot closer.

But have you ever wondered which handset is most popular in certain regions? Like, is Apple more popular than Samsung in London?

FoneHouse sent through a new infographic that shows just how popular Samsung and iPhone are throughout the UK, breaking down the most popular choice for key spots in the UK.

As you can see, London is dominated by Apple. No surprises there.

Meanwhile, Samsung is the leader of the pack in Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Southhampton.

It’s a fairly even split, to be fair, though Apple is definitely more popular.

Though the cost of running an iPhone is around £10 extra a month versus a Samsung phone.

This additional cost comes via the price of the handset and/or tariff, according to FoneHouse.

The POWER of Apple and Samsung

This just shows how crazy Apple and Samsung’s brand appeal is – people will happily pay more for a phone, just because of the brand.

Case in point: the OnePlus 6 is around 40% less than both of Samsung and Apple’s latest flagships and, I’d argue, is actually better in some regards.

You can buy TWO OnePlus 6 handsets for the price of one iPhone X.


And this phone is no slouch, as you can see in my full review of the OnePlus 6 (my current phone of choice).

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