$200 off Verizon Galaxy Note 8, $50 off JBL Link 10

Verizon already has a “buy one, get one” campaign going on with a whole bunch of Android phones and iPhones, but all of them need trade-ins to be redeemed. Sprint had a simpler approach with a $280 one-time discount on the iPhone X, but just like the other promo, customers needed to add a line.

Coming back to Verizon, it seems that there’s a deal that finally makes absolute sense. The carrier is offer $200 off the Galaxy Note 8 on a 24-month installment plan. As the current going full retail price is $960, that takes monthly payments down from $40 to $31.66 with bill credits. There’s no trade-in needed and there are no terms that seem to require a new line. There’s also no expiration date listed, so watch out.

Two other sales going on involve a couple of accessories: the Lifeprint 2×3 Photo and Video Printer for Android and iOS and the JBL Link 10 speaker with Google Assistant built-in are both coming down to $99.99 from $129.99 and $149.99, respectively. Again, we presume these deals go only for a limited time.

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